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The workplace is a dynamic environment. Harper’s Management Limited has mastered this dynamism to emerge as a leading professional human resource consultancy. Our job is to match job seekers with employers through a careful process. We help employers hire the best talent and job seekers find positions that match their skills, passions and career goals. Behind the success of any organization is a reliable workforce. Our knowledge in staffing, recruitment, training and consultancy makes us a resource for job seekers and employers.
It is fulfilling for us when we offer career development advice and resources. The result is that we see job seekers end up in great positions.
It is fulfilling for us when we offer career development advice and resources. The result is that we see job seekers end up in great positions.


Delivering happiness to customers, employees, and vendors.


Focus on leading in hospitality placement service.

Global outsourcing services

Efficiency is a principle we guard strongly in all our processes. Working with big brands in hospitality and other industries has given us insight into key practices in recruitment. Our human resource consultancy services are meant to help employers apply resources efficiently in hiring and training employees.

For job seekers, we show you how to use foresight in seeking the right employment for you. Our career development advice is meant to give fresh graduates a strong foundation for career growth. If you are already in employment, we equip you with information and resources to take your career forward and in the right field.


Specialist Staffing Agency in Kenya

Harper’s Management is a leading staffing agency in Kenya. Our work meets international standards, and we have emerged as a driving force through our knowledge across a wide range of industries. We have managed to consistently establish perfect compatibility between employers and employees.
We have built a reputation as a highly resourceful staffing company, based on our reliability. Our approach is to establish meaningful partnerships with employers and job seekers. Working with a team of professionals enables us to provide excellent services. We seek to extensively learn about our clients and develop a genuine interest in what they do. By understanding their goals, vision and priorities, we can align the most suitable candidates with available opportunities.


Reliable Recruitment Process

Harper’s Management has built capacity to provide global outsourcing services. Our operations are mainly in Kenya and East Africa but with time, we have extended to South Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Britain, and the USA.

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