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As you may well know, Kenya has been hosting overseas visitors and nobility for at over 100 years and has been, and is still a major tourist attraction for over 80 years. As a result, Kenyans have a wealth of experience at all levels of the industry.

Our people are courteous, talented, hardworking, reliable and knowledgeable. They have good attitude and a lot of care for their jobs. They are highly appreciated wherever they work.

We have successfully provided personnel for hotel openings as well as in existing ones.
We have established ourselves as the leading, reliable, well respected and most recognized Recruitment Company here in Kenya as well as outside our country.

Recruitment and Staffing

Hiring right and retaining your employees is fundamental for business success. Harper’s Management steps in to help businesses get the right people to drive their vision. We conduct a thorough recruitment process beyond looking at a candidate’s resume. Our recruitment team creates candidate profiles based on skills, intellect, attitude, knowledge, personality, and reliability.

Our services are all-inclusive covering recruitment, staffing, training and consultancy. Read more

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We work closely with organizations in training new employees and existing ones. It is vital that organizations conduct regular training to help improve on employees’ soft skills. We have all the resources needed for this kind of training.
We pay equal attention to jobseekers as we do to employers. We are invested in helping job seekers hone the right skills to ace that job interview and successfully go through the recruitment process. As a job seeker, we offer you career development advice, access to recommended training institutions and access to available jobs.



Harper’s Management’s team of experts is at hand to provide consultancy services to businesses across East Africa. Our foundation in consultancy is in the hospitality industry. We have assisted in opening and training personnel in some of the newest five star hotels and fine dining restaurants in Nairobi. We have also expanded our consultancy to other industries including Accounting, Finance & Insurance, Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing, and Creative/Design & Architecture.
Employers and job seekers can always expect excellent customer service at Harper’s Management. Keeping in line with our values, we maintain ethical standards and assume personal and legal liability for our processes and services.
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